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At Glaser Jones Law, we understand that each family is unique and needs an individual approach. We are here to help you reach a positive outcome from this sensitive and difficult period in your life.

As specialists in family law, we strive to help and support you throughout the legal process. We are passionate about our work, and will advocate strongly on your behalf.
Find out how we can become your trusted legal partner through difficult times.

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“We stand between the client and their problems and help alleviate the stress that comes with any legal proceeding.”

We believe that there are no impossible cases in family law, only challenging ones. We thrive on complexity and pride ourselves on being able to facilitate every client’s requirements. We will help you get the results you need.

The founders

We were established in 2013 by Shlomit Glaser and Professor Tim Jones. Our experience ranges across all aspects of family law and even stretches across the globe.

Shlomit Glaser, our principal solicitor, has trained both as an Israeli lawyer and English solicitor; a combination that frequently empowers her to achieve positive outcomes for international families. She received her LL.B. from the University of Manchester in 1998, qualified as an Israeli attorney in 2003, then as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2008.

Originally founded in Cardiff, Glaser Jones Law has recently moved to London with a view to making our services more accessible. This gives us capacity to meet and work with our clients in person across England and Wales when they need us most.

Call us today without obligation or cost, and find out how we can help you and your family move on to the next stage of your lives.

Glaser Jones Law – Services

Divorce process ICON

We are here to support and advise you on the issues that arise during the dissolution of a marriage.

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Get and Jewish divorce ICON

We understand how the divorce process works for those of the Jewish faith, and are uniquely placed to help you satisfy both Halachic and civil processes.

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Maintenance ICON

Often, divorce or separation requires maintenance to be paid. We can help arrange a fair agreement for when the divorce has been finalised.

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Child maintenance ICON

Otherwise known as ‘child support’, we can help ensure that your child receives the financial assistance they’re entitled to regardless of parental disputes.

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Child arrangements ICON

Your children are your top priority. We enable your child’s views to be aired during the divorce process and help shield them from many of the more distressing aspects of the process.

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Cohabitation ICON

We can advise you on your rights when separating from a partner with whom you cohabit but aren’t married, assisting you with any mediation that may be necessary.

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Prenuptial agreements ICON

We can help you allocate ownership of your assets before your marriage as a safeguard for the future.

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Division of assets ICON

We will help you to come to a fair and agreeable arrangement on asset division, supporting you throughout the entire process.

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Child arrangements ICON

To stop your child or children from being taken abroad depends on what’s in their best interests and may have to be determined by a Court.

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