Our previous clients are our strongest advocates. Find out how we can support you through mediation or court proceedings, and build a close professional relationship that will help you put your case across clearly and convincingly throughout the process.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I have been appreciative over the years for the extra steps you took in trying to win contact with my children.”

M father of three.

“I first encountered Miss Glaser, while representing a client in a very difficult and acrimonious divorce case. She was acting for the husband and I was acting for the wife. She was a strong opponent who presented her client’s case well. She negotiated with diplomacy and argued forcefully in Court; to try and get the best result for her client.”

Mike Barry, Malloy and Barry Solicitors, Cardiff.

“Dear Shlomit, Thank you so much for the help you gave me through a difficult time separating from my husband.  You listened compassionately and professionally, giving me the advice that I needed.”

J, mother of two.

“I have found Miss Glaser very easy to deal with throughout the process. She was always accessible to answer my questions or explain any queries or concerns. Advice was balanced without any pressure. She made the process easy and stress free.”

L, mother of two.

לשולמית היקרה

רציתי להוקיר להודות ולציין שזכיתי בחברת אמת לחייםאת נותנת את כל כולך ללקוח וממש מהשיחת טלפון הראשונה שלנו ישר הרגשתי שאני לא עוד תיק בערימת תיקי עבודה נשכחת אלא אישה אמא שמגדלת ילדים ויש מי שמבין ששומע שמאזין ושומע ואכפת לו מדפיקות הלב שלי שזה הרבה מעבר לעבודה לייצוג לקוח ולכסף בכלל משהיא שאצלה הדרך בא היא עובדת זה השראה בשבילי כמה אכפתיות תשומת לב עד הפרטים הקטנים דאגה קינה תמיכה ומלא אהבה יכולים לרפד ולהאיר את כל המסלול החשוך והקשה הזה מבחינה רגשית נפשית וכלכלית

עוד חתיכת דרך משמעותית לפנינו אבל ובעיקר בגלל זה אני רוצה להודות על שעות ושיחות שלימות של סבלנות הסברה ביטחון ואמונה של ההכלה ורגישות ככ הרבה תמיכה שמקלת עלי/נו את הדרך הזו ובאמת יאזל הדיו ולא יכלו המילים והקמיעה שלי להסביר ולעלות על הכתב איך שזכיתי בחברת אמת ואשת מקצוע אדיבה כמותך

.אוהבת ומעריכה שלך תמיד שרה

“I couldn’t thank more for the work you did for me on my separation. You made a very painful time in my life easier. I found myself unable to see my children and you gave me the right advice and also hope. I appreciate all the time and hard work you spent on my case. I have my children with me regularly now. That says it all.”

R, father of two.

Glaser Jones Law – Services

Divorce process ICON

We are here to support and advise you on the issues that arise during the dissolution of a marriage.

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Get and Jewish divorce ICON

We understand how the divorce process works for those of the Jewish faith, and are uniquely placed to help you satisfy both Halachic and civil processes.

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Maintenance ICON

Often, divorce or separation requires maintenance to be paid. We can help arrange a fair agreement for when the divorce has been finalised.

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Child maintenance ICON

Otherwise known as ‘child support’, we can help ensure that your child receives the financial assistance they’re entitled to regardless of parental disputes.

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Child arrangements ICON

Your children are your top priority. We enable your child’s views to be aired during the divorce process and help shield them from many of the more distressing aspects of the process.

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Cohabitation ICON

We can advise you on your rights when separating from a partner with whom you cohabit but aren’t married, assisting you with any mediation that may be necessary.

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Prenuptial agreements ICON

We can help you allocate ownership of your assets before your marriage as a safeguard for the future.

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Division of assets ICON

We will help you to come to a fair and agreeable arrangement on asset division, supporting you throughout the entire process.

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Child arrangements ICON

To stop your child or children from being taken abroad depends on what’s in their best interests and may have to be determined by a Court.

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